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Moving of car in a single place to a different place is not easy. It's not easy task, and in addition it is stuffed with risks. A small mistake will damage your darling vehicle. But by utilizing Speedexhomerelocationindia moving of car has become easier, economical and risk-free. We are the proficient company in vehicle company services. We have our personal particularly designed vehicle company to maneuver the esteemed vehicle of clients at their door board time. With the help of professional loading crew and the most modern technology, the transit is safe. In addition, the monitoring and tracing systems are also offered to the customers. This further ensures reliable, on-time delivery and cross-continental vehicle transportation. Also, to provide complete relief to the customers, a transparent on-line vehicle tracking system is available. Car Carrier

Here, the customer can trace the vehicle at any given point of time, with complete ease. Most auto transport companies require some preparation to be made in advance to the vehicle being picked up for shipping. The passenger cars / jeep / multi-utility vehicles etc, which are in the registered category, may be imported without a license.

This can be obtained on payment of full customs duty by certain categories of importers. Also, custom duty is to be paid in foreign convertible currency and the rate of duty on new cars, used cars, spares etc are different. The methods of calculating the depreciation on the vehicle in transit are also different and accordingly the rates vary.

The cars are transported by special vehicles, like covered car trailers, all over India and world wide. The trailors & containerized trucks, specially designed for the safe carriage of cars, are used for the purpose. Fully enclosed rail cars, with sophisticated tie-down systems to secure the ride, protect the vehicle from any accidental damage

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